Principal Investigator

isabel's picture
Isabel Fortier, Ph.D.
Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre, Canada
+1 (514) 934 1934 ext 44448
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paul's picture
Paul Burton, Ph.D.
Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
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Vincent Ferretti, Ph.D.
Research Center of the Sainte-Justine University Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
+1 (514) 345 4991 ext: 6597
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lauren's picture
Lauren Griffith, Ph.D.
Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics McMaster University, Canada
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ddwin's picture
Edwin R. van den Heuvel, Ph.D.
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands
+31 40-247 3856
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scott's picture
Scott M. Hofer, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology and Centre on Aging at the University of Victoria, Canada
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ymarcon's picture
Yannick Marcon, Eng.
Epigeny, France
+33 607 84 64 38
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bmasse's picture
Benoît Mâsse, Ph.D.
Applied Clinical Research Unit (URCA), Research Center of the Sainte-Justine University Hospital, Canada
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Graciela Muniz-Terrera, Ph.D.
Centre for Dementia Prevention, University of Edinburgh, Scotland UK
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Research Team

Julie Bergeron, M.Sc.
Research Associate
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 71871
Clara Dallaire-Fortier, M.Sc.
Research Assistant
Dany Doiron, Ph.D.
Research Associate
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 71688
Guillaume Fabre, M.Sc.
Data Analyst
Asli Gurer, M.A.
Data Analyst
Philippe Malric, M.Sc.
Data Analyst
Diana Miruna, B.Sc.
Junior Research Assistant
Anouar Nechba, M.Sc
Project Manager/Data analyst
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 71873
Karla Ordonez, B.Sc.
Research Assistant
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 47207
Nicole Palmour, Ph.D.
Research Associate
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 71689
Sarah Jemima Samoely Lala, M.Sc.
Research Assistant
Karine Trudeau, M.Sc.
Catalogue Coordinator
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 71872
Tina Wey, Ph.D.
Project Manager
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 71464
Rita Wissa, B.Sc.
Project Manager
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 71367

Software Development Team

Samir Ben Sghaier
Programmer Analyst
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 71695
Cedric Fontin
Programmer Analyst
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 71692
Ramin Haeri Azad
Programmer Analyst
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 71695
Sofiya Koleva, M.Sc. MBA
Web and Software Development Manager
+1 (514) 934-1934 ext 71692