The Cross-cohort Harmonization Project for Tomorrow (CHPT) aims to leverage collaborations across large population-based cohorts and to facilitate interdisciplinary, cross-national research on the determinants and etiology of cancer and other major chronic diseases. The network provides resources supporting data harmonization and integration between the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP), and other Canadian and international cohort studies. Cohort studies invited to participate to this project had to meet the following criteria: having at least one follow-up or planned a follow-up within two years, having a sample size of at least approximately 50,000 participants aged 18 years or more, and collected data on chronic diseases and related risk factors.

Besides the development of a study catalogue that describes cohort studies’ profile and variables collected through each collection event, the harmonization potential between cohort studies was assessed. In addition, a number of research programs will be conducted to answer questions related to data harmonization.


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Harmonization Studies

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