The Integrative Analysis of Longitudinal Studies of Aging and Dementia (IALSA) research network (NIH/NIA P01AG043362) was formally established in 2005 to facilitate interdisciplinary, cross-national research on determinants and dynamics of within-person aging-related changes in cognitive and physical capabilities, health, personality, and well-being. The network is comprised of investigators associated with over 100 longitudinal studies on aging and dementia. A key feature of the IALSA network is the optimization and evaluation of the reproducibility of results from longitudinal and life course studies, achieved through a coordinated analysis approach based on comparable statistical models and measurements. Network activities encourage the examination of cross-cultural and cross-cohort effects and synthesis of results across longitudinal studies.

IALSA is funded through an NIH/NIA Program Project Grant (P01AG043362; 2013-2018) to Oregon Health & Science University and was previously funded by NIH/NIA (R01AG026453; 2007-2013) and CIHR (103284; 2010-2013).


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