The Networks section of our Repository includes study consortia using Maelstrom standards to build study and data catalogues. Using common standards facilitates collaboration and permits search for studies and variables within as well as across these networks.

13 Networks

Integrative Analysis of Longitudinal Studies of Aging and Dementia

The Integrative Analysis of Longitudinal Studies of Aging and Dementia (IALSA) research network (NIH/NIA P01AG043362) was formally established in 2005 to facilitate interdisciplinary, cross-national research on determinants and dynamics of within-person aging-related changes in cognitive and physica... Read more

Quebec Study Catalogue

The Quebec Study Catalogue is a Maelstrom Research initiative aiming to document and promote the scientific usage of large scale epidemiological studies in Quebec.... Read more

Research Advancement through Cohort Cataloguing and Harmonization

More and more Canadians are affected by chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, diabetes, and mental illnesses. Many of these conditions have their origins in early life (conception, pregnancy, infancy, and childhood).... Read more

Ageing Trajectories of Health: Longitudinal Opportunities and Synergies

The objective of the ATHLOS Project is to achieve a better understanding of ageing by identifying patterns of healthy ageing pathways or trajectories, the determinants of those patterns, the critical points in time when changes in trajectories are produced, and to propose timely clinical and public ... Read more

Cross-cohort Harmonization Project for Tomorrow

The Cross-cohort Harmonization Project for Tomorrow (CHPT) aims to leverage collaborations across large population-based cohorts and to facilitate interdisciplinary, cross-national research on the determinants and etiology of cancer and other major chronic diseases.... Read more

Promoting mental well-being and healthy ageing in cities

Major depressive disorder, dementia, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse affect a substantial part of the European older population. Over 70% of Europeans reside in cities, and this percentage will increase in the next decades.... Read more

Biobank Standardisation and Harmonisation for Research Excellence in the European Union

  BioSHaRE is a consortium of European leading biobanks and international researchers from all domains of biobanking science.... Read more

Swedish Cohort Consortium

Sweden is a country with unique opportunities for epidemiological research. It has a large number of carefully collected population-based cohorts that have been followed for decades, and ongoing recruitment into several world-leading cohorts.... Read more

Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project

The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP) is Canada’s largest population health research platform. It contains a wealth of data from more than 300,000 Canadians aged 30-74 who have volunteered to share information about their health, lifestyle, environment and behaviour.... Read more

Recherche Internationale sur la Fragilité des Aînés

The RIFA (Recherche internationale sur la fragilité des aînés – French acronym for International Research on Frail Elders) project aims to increase knowledge of frailty among older people in order to better plan social and health services and to orient health promotion interventions.... Read more