What We Offer

MBuilding on its experience with international epidemiological study consortia, Maelstrom offers a range of services to meet the needs of collaborative research in epidemiology. Maelstrom services make research collaborations easier for study networks and consortia by facilitating each step of a multi-centre research project, from data documentation and harmonization to analysis and dissemination. 

Expert Advice

Maelstrom Research offers guidance to epidemiological study consortia to help them meet their collaborative research needs.

To answer your data collection, management, harmonization, co-analysis, and dissemination needs, Maelstrom Research has developed the OBiBa open-source software application suite.

In partnership with international research networks, Maelstrom Research developed a standard approach to documenting and disseminating epidemiological study metadata.

Harmonization Platforms

Maelstrom Research provides access to guidelines and tools, and support for implementing data harmonization and co-analysis platforms.