Maelstrom Repository

The Maelstrom Repository aims to leverage and facilitate the achievement of collaborative epidemiological research initiatives. The Repository is a standardized catalogue encompassing comprehensive information about epidemiological research networks, studies and the data they collect. It allows users to:

  • Learn about existing Maelstrom partner networks and harmonization initiatives (see the Networks section);
  • Identify studies making use of relevant designs and collecting data of interest for potential collaborations (see the Studies section);
  • Have an overview of information collected across studies (see the Harmonization Potential section)


The repository also provides access to a Harmonization Methods Library, a list of reference papers and reports on approaches and methods used to retrospectively harmonize data developed in collaboration with the Integrative Analysis of Longitudinal Studies on Aging.


Maelstrom partner networks and/or harmonization initiatives


Inventory of epidemiological studies describing their designs and content

Harmonization Potential

Comparative overview of the variables collected across studies