Paul Burton, Ph.D.

Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Paul Burton is a genetic epidemiologist with a research program that currently focuses on the design, harmonization, analysis and meta-analysis of large-scale biobanks and on access to, and use of, the data they generate.

He chairs the International Steering Committee of the Public Population Project in Genomics (P3G) and the Access Committee for three CLS National Birth Cohorts, including the 1958BC which is one of the UKs leading providers of data and biosamples for large scale genetic epidemiology. He is Science Co-coordinator of BioSHaRE-EU  (FP7, Large Scale Integrating Project) which is led by Professor Ronald Stolk, Groningen.  He is a member of the International Scientific Advisory Board of UK Biobank, the International Oversight Committee of the Canadian Longitudinal Study of Ageing, and of the Data Access Committee of the ESRC funded Understanding Society.