Isabel Fortier, Ph.D.

Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre, Canada
+1 (514) 934 1934 ext 44448

Isabel Fortier is researcher at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) where she leads the Maelstrom Research program. Maelstrom aims to provide the international research community from diverse disciplines with resources (expertise, methods, and software) to leverage and support data harmonization and integration across studies. The Maelstrom Research team develops methods and software; conducts methodological research; generates comprehensive catalogues of study metadata; and creates infrastructures supporting data management, harmonization and co-analysis.

The team is collaborating on or leading the data cataloguing and harmonization activities of a number of national and international projects including: IALSA (Integrative Analysis for Longitudinal Study Analysis, more than a 100 studies), ReACH (Research Advancement through Cohort Cataloguing and Harmonization, 26 studies) and CPTP (Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project, 5 studies). Ultimately, Maelstrom Research resources help to: optimize the use of existing research data; enhance capacity for national and international collaborative and cross-disciplinary research (outputs generated faster and at lower cost); and improve quality of research practices.