Building on its experience with international epidemiological study consortia, Maelstrom offers a range of services to meet the needs of collaborative research in epidemiology. Maelstrom services make research collaborations easier for study networks and consortia by facilitating each step of a multi-centre research project, from data documentation and harmonization to analysis and dissemination. A few examples of services we offer to the research community:

  • Data harmonization: we work with research networks to assess the compatibility of data across studies and generate common-format variables for co-analysis
  • Software development and support: we provide technical support for the use and customization of our software products to answer data collection, management, harmonization, analysis and dissemination needs
  • Expert advice: we offer guidance to emerging research networks in the planning of data harmonization, harmonized data analysis and data dissemination strategies

If you are involved in a study network or consortia and would like to learn more about how Maelstrom services could help you get the most out of your collaborative research, get in touch with us.