• Maelstrom Research
    We develop tools to leverage and achieve rigorous data
    documentation, harmonization, integration and analysis

What we offer

Maelstrom offers a suite of methods and software as well as expertise to partners to facilitate data documentation, harmonization and integration.

Maelstrom Repository

The Maelstrom Repository catalogues standardized information about research networks, studies and collected data.


Learn about our key partnerships with international networks and consortia to harmonize, integrate and analyse study data.



More study descriptions added to the repository: 132 studies are now documented in the study catalogue. (2015/12/18)

Variables from 46 studies now searchable: Data dictionaries from 46 cohorts tagged with our classification can now be searched online. Additional study-specific variables are added regularly. (2015/12/18)

Major update of the IALSA catalogue: The IALSA (Integrative Analysis of Longitudinal Studies on Aging) catalogue now includes full description of 95 studies and allows searching across 38 studies for both variables collected and scales used. (2015/12/18)