• Maelstrom Research
    We develop tools to leverage and achieve rigorous data
    documentation, harmonization, integration and analysis

What we offer

Maelstrom Research offers a suite of methods and software as well as expertise to partners to facilitate data documentation, harmonization and integration.

Maelstrom Repository

The Maelstrom Repository catalogues standardized information about research networks, studies and collected data.


Learn about our key partnerships with international networks and consortia to harmonize, integrate and analyse study data.



In the news at the McGill University Health Center Research Institute: a face to face with epidemiologist Dr. Isabel Fortier.

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The Stroke and Cognition consortium (STROKOG) is applying Maelstrom Research guidelines for retrospective data harmonization.

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The National Cancer Institute (NCI) launched the Cohort Metadata Repository (CMR), an initiative making use of Maelstrom Research methods and software

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Missed our Webinar Cross-cohort Harmonization Project for Tomorrow on November 29th?

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Maelstrom Research has reached a new milestone! The Maelstrom catalogue now includes more than half a million variables! (2016-11-16)

Our new publication in International Journal of Epidemiology: Maelstrom Research Guidelines for Rigorous Retrospective Data Harmonization. View article