The objectives of this harmonization project was to evaluate the harmonization potential across 13 international large-scale cohort studies to answer a wide range of research questions on the determinants and etiology of cancer and other major chronic diseases. It consisted of a minimal set of the most prevalent chronic diseases and their associated individual-level risk factors.

Harmonization Study Design

The harmonization project is composed of 13 cohort studies. To participate in this project, cohort studies had to meet the following criteria: having at least one follow-up or planning a follow-up within two years, having a sample size of at least 50,000 participants aged 18 years or older, and collecting data on chronic diseases and related risk factors.


CHPT Generic Harmonization Project population

Participants were recruited from one of the 13 cohorts included in the project. The current project includes almost 2 million participants aged 18 years or older from Canada, the United States of America, and across Europe.

Individual Studies Included

Harmonization Studies Included


Variables classifications