The primary aim of the WGHS is to create a comprehensive, fully searchable genome-wide database of more than 360 000 single nucleotide polymorphisms among at least 25 000 initially healthy American women participating in the ongoing Women's Health Study.

Investigations within the WGHS seek to identify relevant patterns of genetic polymorphism that relate to multiple intermediate phenotypes and will also allow exploration of gene-environment and gene-gene interactions as they relate to incident disease states.

General Design

Study Design Cohort
General Information on Follow Up (profile, frequency)

Ongoing DNA analyses from the participants' blood sample provided at baseline (1992-1995) of the WHS study.

Recruitment Target
  • Individuals
Number of Participants


Number of Participants with Biological Samples



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Possible Access to Data

Possible Access to Biosamples


Marker Paper

Ridker PM, Chasman DI, Zee RY, Parker A, et al. Rationale, design, and methodology of the Women's Genome Health Study: a genome-wide association study of more than 25,000 initially healthy american women. Clinical Chemistry, 2008; 54(2): 249-55.

PUBMED 18070814

Study Timeline

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WGHS population

The cohort is composed of participants of the WHS study. The WHS included initially healthy American women, aged 45 years and older, with no previous history of cardiovascular disease, cancer or other major chronic illnesses at baseline in 1992-1995.

Sources of Recruitment

Participants from Existing Studies Women's Health Study
Supplementary Information

All members of the WGHS cohort were participants in the WHS who provided an adequate baseline blood sample for plasma and DNA analysis and who gave consent for blood-based analyses and long-term follow-up.

Selection Criteria

Gender Women only
Age Minimum age 45
Country United States of America

Sample Size

Number of Participants


Number of Participants with Biological Samples


Data Collection Events

WGHS analyses

Because each WGHS participant is also a WHS...

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