Swedish Cohort Consortium


Maria Storgärds
Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR)

Relevant Papers

Sundström J, Björkelund C, Giedraitis V, Hansson P-O, Högman M, Janson C, Koupil I, Kristenson M, Trolle Lagerros Y, Leppert J, Lind L, Lissner L, Johansson I, Ludvigsson JF, Nilsson PM, Olsson H, Pedersen NL, Rosenblad A, Rosengren A, Sandin S, Snäckerström T, Stenbeck M, Söderberg S, Weiderpass E, Wanhainen A, Wennberg P, Fortier I, Heller S, Storgärds M, Svennblad B. Rationale for a Swedish cohort consortium. Ups J Med Sci. 2019;124(1):21-28. PUBMED 30618330

Harmonization Initiatives

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Individual Studies

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Areas of Information Collected

Socio-demographic and economic characteristics 32
Death 18
Lifestyle and behaviours 31
Physical measures and assessments 32
Birth, pregnancy and reproductive health history 17
Laboratory measures 24
Perception of health, quality of life, development and functional limitations 13
Cognition, personality and psychological measures and assessments 17
Diseases 31
Life events, life plans, beliefs and values 6
Symptoms and signs 11
Preschool, school and work life 7
Medication and supplements 19
Social environment and relationships 11
Non-pharmacological interventions 17
Physical environment 11
Health and community care services utilization 13
Administrative information 32

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