The impact of Covid-19 on the health of physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers: an interprovincial cohort study


  • Dr. Nicola Cherry

    University of Alberta

  • Dr. Anil Adisesh

    St. Michael's Hospital

  • Dr. Igor Burstyn

    Drexel University

  • Dr. Carmen Lynn Charlton

    University of Alberta

  • Dr. Quentin Durand-Moreau

    University of Alberta

  • Dr. France Labrèche

    Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail

  • Dr. Shannon Marie Ruzycki

    University of Calgary

  • Dr. Nicola Cherry

    University of Alberta

General Design

Study design
Start Year
General Information on Follow Up (profile, frequency)
After recruitment (Phase I), participants were followed-up in October 2020 (Phase II), then in May 2021 (Phase III) and in March 2022 (Phase IV). In addition, participants were followed-up at 4, 7 and 13 months after the first dose of the vaccine.
Recruitment Target
  • Individuals
Number of Participants
Number of Participants with Biological Samples
Supplementary Information
A nested case-control study of all new cases was done after Phase II. Participants found positive for the virus are matched with controls in the cohort from within their own professional group and health region.


Availability of data and biosamples

Possible Access to Data
Possible Access to Biosamples



C19-HCW population

Selection Criteria

  • Canada
British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec
Other Criteria
Be a health care worker: physicians, nurses, health care aides and personal support workers

Sources of Recruitment

Specific Population
  • Members of an association
Supplementary Information
Recruitment procedure was done by approaching health care workers through their regulatory bodies. In Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec physicians have been approached through the provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons. Nurses (RN, RPNs, LPNs) have been recruited only in Alberta, personal support workers (PSW) in Ontario and health care aides (HCA) in Alberta.

Sample Size

Number of Participants
Number of Participants with Biological Samples

Data Collection Events

# Name Description Start End
0 C19-HCW - Phase I 2020 (April) 2020 (October)
1 C19-HCW - Phase II 2020 (October) 2021 (March)
2 C19-HCW - Phase III 2021 (May) 2021 (October)
3 C19-HCW - Nested case-control study 2020 (October) 2022 (March)
4 C19-HCW - 4 months post-vaccination 2021 (April) 2022 (March)
5 C19-HCW - 7 months post-vaccination 2021 (July) 2022 (March)
6 C19-HCW - 13 months post-vaccination 2022 (January) 2022 (March)
7 C19-HCW - Phase IV 2022 (March) Ongoing

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Harmonization Projects Included

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