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TARGet Kids!
TARGet Kids!
  • Dr. Jonathon Maguire

    University of Toronto

  • Dr. Catherine Birken

    University of Toronto

  • Dalah Mason

    The Hospital for Sick Children

  • Natricha Levy McFarlane

    The Hospital for Sick Children

General Design

Study design
Start Year
General Information on Follow Up (profile, frequency)
Recruitment Target
  • Individuals
Number of Participants
Number of Participants with Biological Samples


Availability of data and biosamples

Possible Access to Data
Possible Access to Biosamples

Sector of research

Possible Access to Data Possible Access to Biosamples
Investigators from the public sector
Investigators from the private sector
Investigators from not-for-profit organization

Applicants wishing to obtain TARGet Kids! data complete the Data Access Application Form. This application will be sent to the TARGet Kids! Science Review Committee for review and evaluation. TARGet Kids! biological samples constitute a finite resource. The procedures to ensure that this resource is optimally used, according to the long-term research goals of TARGet Kids! are not currently covered by the TARGet Kids! Data Access Procedure. Procedures concerning access to samples will be made available to researchers at a later date.


Possible Access to Data Possible Access to Biosamples
Can leave the study facility
Can leave the country

All data transferred electronically will be encrypted. All data transferred electronically will be encrypted. Approved Users will be assigned a password when the dataset is provided. Approved Users accessing TARGet Kids! data will respect the privacy of participants and the confidentiality of their data at all times. All reasonable efforts to maintain the security and confidentiality of the accessed data, including those outlined below, should be employed. The Approved User must not attempt to re-identify any individual TARGet Kids! participants by any means. If a participant is involuntarily identified, the TARGet Kids! Methods Centre must be immediately informed by phone or in writing and this information must be destroyed and neither recorded nor disclosed. a. Administrative safeguards: Subjects coded, computer passwords ONLY with research team, locked folder on shared drive, designated individual responsible for controlling who has access to the data. b. Physical safeguards: Locked office, locked storage unit, access cards, cipher/coded locks, biometric authentication. c. Technical safeguards: Files/folders password protected, computer password protected, firewalls, network drive, encrypted laptop, encrypted USB key.


Possible Access to Data Variable Cost
Possible Access to Biosamples Not yet defined

Cost reduction for co-analyses

Possible Access to Data
Possible Access to Biosamples

Marker Paper

Carsley S, Borkhoff CM, Maguire JL, Birken CS, Khovratovich M, McCrindle B, Macarthur C, Parkin PC; TARGet Kids! Collaboration. 2015. Cohort Profile: The Applied Research Group for Kids (TARGet Kids!). International journal of epidemiology; 44(3): 776-88.

PUBMED 24982016



TargetKids! - Children

Selection Criteria

Maximum age
  • Canada
Toronto, Ontario
Other Criteria
Exclusion criteria for the cohort include: children with associated health conditions affecting growth, children with any acute or chronic conditions, children with severe developmental delay and families who are unable to communicate in English.

Sources of Recruitment

Specific Population
  • Clinic patients
Supplementary Information

Sample Size

Number of Participants
Number of Participants with Biological Samples
Supplementary Information about Population

Data Collection Events

# Name Description Start End
0 TargetKids! - 0-4 months 2008 (June) Ongoing
1 TargetKids! - 6-12 months 2008 (June) Ongoing
2 TargetKids! - 18 months 2008 (June) Ongoing
3 TargetKids! - 2 years 2008 (June) Ongoing
4 TargetKids! - 3 years 2008 (June) Ongoing
5 TargetKids! - 4 years 2008 (June) Ongoing
6 TargetKids! - 5 years 2008 (June) Ongoing
7 TargetKids! - 6 years 2009 (June) Ongoing
8 TargetKids! - 7 years 2010 (June) Ongoing
9 TargetKids! - 8 years 2011 (June) Ongoing
10 TargetKids! - 9 years 2012 (June) Ongoing
11 TargetKids! - 10 years 2013 (June) Ongoing
12 TargetKids! - 11 years 2014 (June) Ongoing
13 TargetKids! - 12 years 2015 (June) Ongoing
14 TargetKids! - 13 years 2016 (June) Ongoing
15 TargetKids! - 14 years 2017 (June) Ongoing
16 TargetKids! - 15 years 2018 (June) Ongoing
17 TargetKids! - 16 years 2019 (June) Ongoing
18 TargetKids! - 17 years 2020 (June) Ongoing
19 TargetKids! - 18 years 2021 (June) Ongoing

Individual Studies Included

Acronym Name Study design Participants Countries

Harmonization Projects Included

Acronym Name


Acronym Name Studies


Name Type Data Collection Events Variables
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